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I want to share an idea that my wife and I have for our next venture/adventure, though our backgrounds are very different but both from countries where we did not have opportunities given to us (my wife had a much poorer upbringing), from this we had separately developed a similar idea from growing up in our respective countries.

What we both learnt is that our success is little to do with background, with what others must do to help or anything like that, failures were/are our own and successes were/are due to our effort, this is true for most of us, limitations are our own except where one has a vast disadvantage. 

I have been privileged to have good people around me who have helped me get to where I am, but also those people would not have supported me if they could not see what I can do. 

The point of this is to say, regardless of whether you are in a dead end job, no education, no job, the limitation here is whether you can dream and then put that dream into reality, the reality is the hard work part, put in the effort and you will be successful. Success may not look exactly like you envisaged initially but the secret to becoming successful is being versatile and seeing the opportunity not the limitation. 

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