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Do this one thing every day….

One of our Daughters is 14 years old, her passion (along with Twitch, Minecraft, Roblox, Discord and Reading – teenage things!) is art. When we need a logo commissioned she is the person that we go to, the initial response will usually be “no” or “I don’t want my art on the Internet”, but eventually the allure of pocket money wins out and she gets creative and draws what we are after.

The point of what I write here is that she didn’t start out being good at art, now when she draws she is amazing, if you saw her art 2 years ago when I met her she had talent and still a lot to learn;

What happened since to make her so good at drawing?

  1. She practised almost daily, she watched Youtube videos from artists and read about the skills required and then she put them into actions by drawing herself.
  2. She didn’t give up, she used to destroy whatever she drew before anyone could take a photo or ask her to keep it.
  3. She persevered, learnt and constantly improved, when she couldn’t draw cartoon eyes she kept learning and trying until she could draw eyes, when she couldn’t draw legs she practised and practised until she could.

Today her art is excellent, when you see her draw I am shocked at how easy it is for her to draw and when somebody sees her work they are always amazed at her ability – but most will say:

“She is so Good, I wish I could do that”

The truth is you can be like that, if you put in the time to practise, practise more and then practise even more; then you will become very good at whatever you want to do.

All of us have the potential to be an excellent artist, carpenter, home builder, linguist, poet or anything we want if we are prepared to put the effort and time into it.

Remember you are your own best friend and worst enemy, choose today to learn something new…….

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