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Good habits for learning a new Language

It is funny to me that as a native English speaker and now teacher I am learning Vietnamese to become more efficient at teaching Vietnamese speakers the English language.

There are many differences in the languages which I will discuss at another time but for now I wanted to share some tips I have found to be useful for me learning Vietnamese.

  • Make it your habit to do 10-30 minutes of learning every day, set up a time that works and try and stick to it.
  • Don’t feel bad if you miss a day or 5! instead pick up the learning on day 6 and start anew, punishing yourself for not doing the work is the surest way to stopping altogether.
  • When you think you aren’t learning anything, for example when the language seems too hard, you are still learning. Keep going and you will notice that some of what you study will stick in your mind and repetition will ensure that you learn the rest too.
  • Do not think you are too old to learn a new language, you are not….. I am 48 and I am finding that learning Vietnamese is fun and engaging.
  • Make sure that where you study you do not have any distractions, do not have your phone nearby, do not glance at other apps – use the time you set for one thing only and you will be effective.
  • Try and find a local language person to talk to as they will help you a lot with your learning, but do not listen to everything they say as we take a lot of the language and the nuances of the English language for granted because it is natural to us.
  • Finally and most importantly……..

When you think you are not absorbing the information, keep trying. If the method you have tried really does not work then try a new method, there are many ways to learn

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