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Learning to Draw

Our youngest daughter recently drew us a picture from learning to draw eyes watching a Youtube video on drawing eyes including this video:

There are so many resources available to you to learn anything you wish to become educated with, below is the result of Tam spending a few hours “brushing” (no pun intended) up her skills and learning to draw eyes!

Eyes from an 8 year olds Perspective

The next step is to learn to draw all the other parts of a face and I am sure there will be many more Youtube videos to watch before Tam can draw a full face with the quality that her eyes have.

Like with learning anything new, if you look at the new skill with the objective of completely mastering it immediately – you will struggle and probably fail to get past the first few steps, too discouraged to try again.

If on the other hand you start with the smaller building blocks, in this case: Eyes, Ears, Nose etc then before you know it you will have learnt to draw a face from scratch.

With Tams journey in drawing I want to continue to cover her progress because it is exciting to see how something can be made from nothing to start with except a desire to learn.

Mastery of the small things leads to big outcomes

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