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Entrepreneurial thinking

Recently our youngest daughter wrote this letter to ask for ideas about making money, she did not give the letter to us but asked the “spirits” in our home for ideas that she could use to earn money, using her own initiative to come up with ideas.

Tam’s thinking about making money

In the future our children as adults will be earning money in ways that seem impossible to us and probably ways that simply don’t make sense either to workers who have been used to 7.5 hour work days and 37.5 hour working weeks.

Rather than giving our children money as pocket money should we be asking them to think of ideas around the house that they can use to make money from doing something constructive?

As examples in our household we purchase pictures from our children when we require content or paying them when we need to clean our AirBnB rental, my wife even pays for grey hair removal! which at some point is no longer going to be economic for her ??……..

Something to think about for sure and I for one do not have the answers but I believe it is the right track to have our children thinking about new ideas.

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