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Rules we use and don’t think about?

As a Native English Speaker I do not think about the Adjective rules I use every day when describing a Noun, for non-native English learners these complexities can be difficult to comprehend to start with.

Not exactly correct but a good example of Adjective order.

Though in reality most of the time you do not need to go to this level of description when describing a noun, a “Green French silver whittling knife” or even a “French whittling knife” is going to be understood by an English Speaker.

It is very unusual for more than 3 Adjectives to be in front of a Noun.

Adjective order in English: simple rules (

Adjectives will be ordered in A, B, C when describing a Noun in English, but not all Groups will necessarily be used to describe a Noun.

Remember you will still be understood without using lots of Adjectives and more importantly when someone is describing a noun to you the most important Adjectives are closest to the Noun.

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