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Wool Wash Caravan park


It is April 2020, as a family we are deciding where we should go for the School Holidays. Staying at home is not an option as our children will be “holed” up in their bedrooms for far too many hours….. so what to do>?

Quickly scanning the map for locations that are drivable distances from Springvale in Victoria, I discover Mount Gambier, feeling like an explorer discovering a new country I make the snap decision that we will travel to Mount Gambier for our holiday, mind you this is Easter Friday and anyone experienced with camping in Australia will know that there is no bloody way anyone will find a campsite available at such short notice! With this knowledge in mind I started calling various caravan parks in Mount Gambier, no go! all are booked out until Monday. I go to bed on Friday evening knowing that things are looking grim for our camping trip, I mean 3 children and 1 adult who has never been to a campsite, let alone the next level of camping experience, “The stop wherever you can and set up for the night” makeshift camp adventure……

It is now Saturday morning and we have decided to go to Mount Gambier, still nowhere to park the caravan but why let this stop us from travelling. Urgently scrambling for a place to stay I happen upon “Port Macdonnell”, OMG maybe this town will have a place for us to stay so I send an email and leave a message for them before we set off on our journey with much trepidation due to my family of inexperienced campers and wanting to give them a good experience not a “Bush camping” experience!

Many people would see the error of my ways in the above paragraph, leaving before having somewhere to stay is a risky proposition but again, everything we tend to do has some risk!

By the time we are heading onto the Monash Freeway to Melbourne we have received a phone call from the Wool Wash Tourist Park, they have a caravan site for us!

The Google maps directions to Port Macdonnell

After a 5 hour drive with a few stops to stretch legs we arrive at Port Macdonnell, my first impression was a little disappointed (this impression disappears almost immediately!)……. But I had missed all the Character that Port Macdonnell has, and it really does have a lot of Character!

About Wool Wash Tourist Park

We arrive at the Wool Wash Tourist Park and after paying and getting our access token (to get in and out of the entrance gates) from the managers (Adam and Cathy) of the Park, we park up and set the Caravan up ready for the next 5 days. The operators of the park are easy going and great to talk to with very good local knowledge for places to go ?

The Wool Wash Tourist park is right next to the beach and the sea, the park is well laid out and you never feel like you are too close to a neighbour, when we arrived there where very few camp sites left yet the park seemed very peaceful and pleasant.

Warm enough in April to wear shorts?

The caravan park has 2 separate toilet blocks with showers for campers as well as a dumpsite for Caravan toilets at the end of the park. The toilets are clean and tidy and the showers operate with 10 cent coins (so make sure to stock up on these).

There are a few fixed caravans and an accommodation block as well which I assume can be booked, but all were busy while we were staying.

Night time looking back towards the main entrance

If you wish to use the shared Kitchen facilities then there are indoor and a covered outdoor option for cooking, the covered outdoor area also has seating for many people.

To get to the beach from your camp site is less than a minutes walk, across the dunes and you are there on the best parts of the beach at Port Macdonnell.

Our children braving the cold water!
The view from the beach is amazing

All in all the Caravan park is a great place to stay when you are travelling to Port Macdonnell, it is safe and well protected from the winds as well as very quiet and peaceful. I personally recommend the Wool Wash Tourist Park and I hope you enjoy it’s much as we did.

Phone: (08) 8738 2095


9:00 am – 6:30 pm
9:00 am – 6:30 pm
9:00 am – 6:30 pm
9:00 am – 6:30 pm
9:00 am – 6:30 pm
9:00 am – 6:30 pm
9:00 am – 6:30 pm

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