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The beach towards Port Macdonnell
It is Saturday at 12pm and my darling suggested that we should go to Port Macdonnell for lobster …… it is a 5.5 hour trip and we need to be at Periwinkles Cafe before 7:30pm so that we can have Lobster for dinner while they are still open. After a quick thought measuring and mapping logistics ….. I decided we can do this and we quickly ran about to collect my Swag, clothes and blankets! It is now 2:00pm and we are finally headed to the Port. The drive is easy and no problems except for Kangaroos on the sides of the road and one dead Kangaroo in our lane! We arrive at the Wool Wash Tourist park to collect our access token and then straight to the Restaurant for dinner, as always the Lobster (and restaurant does not disappoint). The next morning we woke at 6am, knowing that the Cafe would not be open until 8-8:30am meant that we would need to have a very long walk to be able to have breakfast at 8:30am when they opened.
The beach, facing towards Nelson
We took a few photos walking around town and on the beach, the quiet and peacefulness in the morning can not be captured fully by these photos.
Historic Homestead
Port Macdonnell Church
Water tower
Eight Mile Road
The Port Macdonnell Pier

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