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Stop asking Questions and Do what I say!

The next time your 5 year old, 6 year old or 15 year old asks you a question answer it in the best way you can, if it is “Age inappropriate” then find a way to address it, if it is something where you feel the question is affecting your child, then manage and meter your response in the same way you would do to a Manager or a colleague at work, emotional reactions will turn your child away from discussing these issues with you in the future.

How many times did you hear the title of this Article while you were growing up and how many times have you said something similar to your children?

If you are anything like me then a few more times than you would like to admit and we are all fairly open to questions from our children to help them learn, right?….

  • Sometimes the question is so inappropriate or in an inappropriate place, that to us as an adult we can do nothing but “gulp” and shut the conversation down immediately!
  • Other times the questions are circular in nature and the tormentor (child) is using the “why?” chain of interrogation tactics which will bring a parent to his/her knees in seconds!

Our children are master tacticians, they know when to ask a question and they know how to ask question. Their minds have a single focus on gaining a positive outcome so they are not dismayed by a parents lack of response or a response that they don’t agree with; because for them, a simple “Why” will keep their chance of a positive outcome going until the inevitable parental “Because I say so” , “I don’t know” or similar.

The problem with this though is that as parents we potentially limit our children later in life, especially as young Adults where their Wisdom has not caught up with their Intelligence and we open them up to situations they may respond poorly too, that had their ability to question been intact may have not occurred – specifically their ability to ask questions of us, their parents without the fear of sounding “Dumb” or “Naive”.

Traps for young Adults

  • Amway, Nutri life and the multitude of other new and upcoming MLM’s (it is not an MLM, we sell a product!)
  • Drop shipping with Amazon, Make 10x your money by following this simple process, “be quick $197 for only the next 20 minutes…..”
  • YouTube “Get rich”, “Property investing”, “Share trading”, Paid training courses.
  • Alt-coins, “Save the kids” as a great example of believing what an “unpaid supporter” allegedly says.
  • Flat earth, the stupidity of ignoring science is one thing but with your own eyes seeing the curvature of the earth?
  • Cults and extremists though less common nowadays
  • Covid Vaccination and 5G, Speculation that the governments of the 206 recognised sovereign states have worked together to inject every citizen on the planet with tracking devices is insane. 206 countries can not even work together on a very simple project let alone enslaving every one of us.

Many of the advocates of the above will hoodwink young people and minorities in our communities as this is the focus of scammers as they tend to be more easily convinced without a wise network of more experienced people around them who they feel free to ask questions.

The people involved in running these do not want a potential victim talking to their outside network (or parents) as these people “Do not understand the value…..” or “do not know the truth…” and will actively as a part of their indoctrination introductions tell their young victim to not talk to their Parents about this opportunity (at least until they take your $199 for membership)…..

Critical thinking in the above areas may mean an undesired result, but in that case that outcome would have been thought about and analysed before a decision was made and as a parent then we can start beating our heads against the wall wondering where we went wrong!.

There is a right way to have children feel safe to ask questions of us and of others that they trust.

It is vitally important that children feel safe to ask parents any question that they want an answer for

A child that fears being “told off” as a teenager will not openly discuss an issue when they are confronted by something they can not handle

Sometimes this issue is going to be trivial, sometimes heart breaking, sometimes devastating, but if we do not react in the right way then we risk the scenario where our children do not tell us anything and we do not find out until it is too late and can not be hidden anymore.

Think Differently

Please think the next time your child asks you a question that is difficult for you to answer, either emotionally or age appropriately, there is a way to answer them rather than say to say no or without reacting with anger, sadness or horror (not necessarily in that order).

Do this right and you will find your children will grow up sharing information with you and not be “hoodwinked’ by the wealth schemes and scams which are becoming more prolific every day on Social Media platforms and spread from friend to friend.

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