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Business English – Tap into new markets

Having worked with Asian Pacific companies in Japan, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and Vietnam we have expertise and experience to help your business tap into the western market, IT software and Hardware is our specialty but we can help in almost all industry verticals for export of products from your country to English speaking nations.

There is almost always a large gap between you and a company from a different country; culturally, commercially and in expectations and outcomes. This is what we have helped businesses with for the past several years having worked with some of the largest companies globally to expand their product sales into Asian Pacific nations.

We know the many mistakes when transacting across borders from companies on both sides sometimes because the expectations from one can not be met from the other side, other times there is no true alignment between companies.

This works both ways as many businesses in Asia Pacific do not understand how a global company operates and why they make the decisions they do.

The biggest challenge when working across Nation borders is not the technology, it is the culture. Something that is considered “Normal” for one can be completely “inappropriate” in another.

Some of the areas that we can specifically assist your business grow

  • Sourcing English vendors to expand your software portfolios as a distributor or reseller of software or hardware products
  • Assisting your business to export from your country into the Australian market
  • Selling local services to Australian companies, for example, Cyber security services, Web development services, help desk etc.
  • Procuring Australian services for your business
  • Growing the addressable market for your products in the Australian market
  • How to sell your product to a Western company.

Rates: $200 AUD per hour for consultation and written report summarising any discovery and next steps.

For larger projects price by negotiation.