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Our Choices are our Reality

A colleague of mine recently shared this on LinkedIn, it is a very strong message to all of us that I want to share. Question: How often have you “not” done something because of reasons that are “Outside of your control”? I would love to know from our colleagues and students whether this is you? […]

Rules we use and don’t think about?

As a Native English Speaker I do not think about the Adjective rules I use every day when describing a Noun, for non-native English learners these complexities can be difficult to comprehend to start with. Though in reality most of the time you do not need to go to this level of description when describing […]

Entrepreneurial thinking

Recently our youngest daughter wrote this letter to ask for ideas about making money, she did not give the letter to us but asked the “spirits” in our home for ideas that she could use to earn money, using her own initiative to come up with ideas. In the future our children as adults will […]

Learning to Draw

Our youngest daughter recently drew us a picture from learning to draw eyes watching a Youtube video on drawing eyes including this video: There are so many resources available to you to learn anything you wish to become educated with, below is the result of Tam spending a few hours “brushing” (no pun intended) up […]

Do this one thing every day….

One of our Daughters is 14 years old, her passion (along with Twitch, Minecraft, Roblox, Discord and Reading – teenage things!) is art. When we need a logo commissioned she is the person that we go to, the initial response will usually be “no” or “I don’t want my art on the Internet”, but eventually […]