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English Proof reading

We want to make sure your product instructions in English make sense to the people who buy your products!

Thanks to Nik’s blog I have found an image that illustrates this perfectly:

Great example of a very funny Chinese to English instruction label that is completely incomprehensible, if you want your manuals and labels to be professional then work with us on providing the proof reading services for your product or service.

This is commonly referred to as Chinglish, humorous to read and innocently written, but completely unprofessional for quality products

The example above could translate to:

This rinsing bowl is used for the hygienic washing of Rice, Rice Bran and other Grains. The bowl can also be used in your home or business for decoration when filled with fruit or other items.

Warning: When using this product with hot oil please ensure that you drain the water from the bowl before pouring the washed food items into the frying pan or pot as splashes from hot oil can cause burns to your skin.

There are many ways to write those approximately 66 words in English, so having someone who can understand the message and meaning of the source language is critical and we can help you with this.

Rates: $200 USD per hour or price per translation, larger projects by negotiation, for example product manuals and large texts.