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Our Services

Every Student who comes to us has a different requirement in what they want to understand about the English Language. We cater for all levels of student capability and many different requirements.

  • For young students (or old) who want to start learning English then we can help with a learning process that is fun and exciting for the students. Find out more here…
  • If you are a mid level English Speaker and want to improve then we can help you. Maybe you have a special requirement or simply require general brushing up on your language skills. Find out more here….
  • English Proof reading, if you are an Exporter creating manuals, labels or instructions in English and want to ensure that your instructions make sense then we can help. Find out more here….
  • As a speciality Michael has 20 years of Multi national business experience in Western markets including UK, USA, Australia and New Zealand and can assist when you are trying to break into these markets with your products/services, especially in the Software industry around Cyber Security and Managed Security Services, Find out more here….

If this sounds like you them please contact us so that we can arrange a follow up discussion to help enable your business to grow.