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Our Choices are our Reality

A colleague of mine recently shared this on LinkedIn, it is a very strong message to all of us that I want to share. Question: How often have you “not” done something because of reasons that are “Outside of your control”? I would love to know from our colleagues and students whether this is you? […]

Educating our children

I do not know whether this is actually a quote by “Richard Feynman” or just that someone has a attributed it to him…… but it resonates so accurately with what I see at the moment as a parent of Teenagers. Our classic education system teaches our children through subjects that will never be used by […]


Yesterday I wrote about how we are responsible for what we are or are not. Today is the next stage of what my wife and I plan to do next which is to help children in Vietnam who are in remote/ poor/ disadvantaged locations to achieve their potential.  For most children from these backgrounds there […]